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“LEAD OC provides a platform for Orange County’s leading executives to combine their skills and resources to advance & raise awareness for various local philanthropic causes championing children & military families. The mission of the organization is to alleviate the financial burdens of these charities so they may fully dedicate their efforts towards affecting positive change. LEAD OC sets itself apart not only by developing leaders through education and mentorship, but by emphasizing the ultimate goal of leaving a positive and profound impact on communities throughout Orange County.”


To our LEAD-OC family and friends (and our new WeTogether family!)


LEAD-OC is honored to announce its response to the COVID-19 crisis: the WeTogether movement! WeTogether is a collaboration between a group of incredibly generous local business leaders, and LEAD-OC's members, families, donors and friends.


WeTogether protect our healthcare workers and first responders.
WeTogether feed those in need.
WeTogether give ownership over our community's response.
WeTogether lead and inspire others to act.


We are definitely in an unprecedented time. And unprecedented times call for a commitment to match the crisis with unprecedented compassion, community and leadership. Lives have been disrupted. Many local businesses are struggling. Millions in our nation possibly left without jobs. Those of us who still have business, now have to navigate social distancing at work, and home schooling our children without child care help. This is our generation's great moment of crisis.


The WeTogether movement asks- What can we do to help those in need? Are we helping our community's first responders protecting our families? Are we helping those uncertain of their next meal? Are we helping charities ensure the homeless have shelter? Despite the scale and gravity of the health and economic crisis we face, together we can make a difference.


WeTogether have hope, and we are already making a difference. Please stay tuned with news and events.

#WeTogether #LEADOC

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