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TVT Parent activities 04/28/2020

From March 23 to April 3rd, The TVT parents made several donations to our neighborhood.

On March 23, through a TVT parent ( current doctor at kaiser), we donated 3 cartons ( totally about 5000 pieces of mask to kaiser ER at sand canyon.

On March 25th, we delivered about 1000 pieces masks to mission hospital at mission Viejo. It was accepted by hospital fundraising department. It was through another TVT parent who works at ER room at mission hospital.

On April 3rd, again we made delivery to mission hospital, about 3000 pieces masks.

In between, we also sent 100 pieces n95, and 1000 pieces masks to la children’s hospital

We encouraged everyone gave away the spared extra masks and send to the place they will be used carefully, that’s why the quantity we made was small, but we did involved as many as possible the community members to be part of it, and we spread love !

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