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WeTogether Movement 03/26/2020

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

The WeTogether movement asks- What can we do to help those in need?

Are we helping to ensure the safety of our healthcare workers and those in the frontline?Are we helping our community's first responders protecting our families? Are we helping those uncertain of their next meal? Despite the scale and gravity of the health and economic crisis we face, together we can make a difference.

WeTogether have hope.


WeTogether has sourced around the globe and donated more than 50,000 surgical masks to UCI Health, Fountain Valley Hospitals, and some elderly condensed neighborhoods.

WeTogether is broadening its reach to support first responders and at-risk populations, 20,000 masks have been donated to the City of Tustin.

WeTogether is expanding supply chains and reaching out to additional medical centers for donation of critical in demand equipment like gowns and face shields, as well as special equipment like CAPR and PAPR.

WeTogether is working with Lead OC and forming a committee to better help our community.

Lead OC is reaching out to the charities that they had worked with in the past to assess their immediate needs.

We are bringing together resources of business leaders from different areas to further make a difference. While continuing to source and reach out to more front lines, Our focus has also been expanded to more agendas, such as food providing for the less privileged and contribution recognition for the heroes in our communities.

WeTogether has been contacted by various other charity organizations to work together for better resource allocation. We are encouraging more people to join in and participate in different levels, from sharing the stories around you to donations you feel comfortable.

There are a lot of more to come and to accomplish...

We are bringing families closer and educating our children by letting them participate and hopefully to lead someday in endeavors like this to make the world a better place.

Come, join us!

A letter from UCI Health

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